Back in 2001, my Wife Amy and I were visiting some family in Medford, OR and fell in love with the area. For many years we had both worked very hard and saved a little money on the side in hopes of opening our own business. Well, this was the opportunity that we were looking for. It all stared with a little space on North Phoenix road and Barnett and Papillon Rouge was born. We listed our home in Arizona for sale, picked up our entire lives and moved to Medford just after signing the lease on the little space. We were so excited, nervous and anxious at the same time. 

After a year and a half of running Papillon Rouge, we noticed over time that there was a lack of higher end Mens clothing, especially for tall slim guys such as myself in town. Voila, Papillon Rouge on main was born. Several years later the store evolved into La Strada which translates into "The Street" in Italian. La Strada is an accumulation of hard work and a desire to satisfy the fashion needs and desires of of men, women and their children. 

Amy and I have a love of fashion, a desire to help others out of their fashion comfort zones and a need to provide a level of customer service above all. Amy and I handpick all of our coworkers with all these points in mind. Our Girls are very knowlegable in fashion, fit for all body types and how to dress for any occasion. 

Come in and experience the full level of customer service that you deserve.

Eric Maxwell


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