Amy and I have always had a passion and desire to help those in need, especially children and animals. At the start of our business endeavor, we made a simple pact that if we were successful we would give back to the community that supported us though local charities. 

Our main focus in our philanthropic giving is children and animals because they cannot fend for themselves. Through the support of our awesome clientele we have been able to give to Southern Oregon Humane Society, FOTAS or friends of the animal shelter, CASA and the Maslow Project. These are all incredible charities that are well deserving of our support as well as yours. If you are looking for a way to give back through donating your time or financial support please contact them via the links below.

Amy and I would like to thank all of our amazing clientele that have made our donations possible through their support of our business. Thank you, Thank you and once again Thank you!

Eric and Amy Maxwell